How was 2014 for you? Did you see a sign of things improving? We don’t know if things are improving but folk are certainly busy. We don’t know if there’s any more money out there but people are doing things and making things happen. It’s amazing how many people are just rolling up their sleeves, working hard, coming up with new ideas, new ways of doing things and taking risks.

Our year was full on from the get go and just before Christmas we took a breather and had a recap on the year that had just about gone by, when we paused and looked at it, the sheer diversity of work crammed into 12 months surprised us, sometimes you're so busy doing, that you don’t reflect on what has been done. We started the very first day of this year with a large internal rebrand launch (public launch very soon...), we moved studio, we did a large shoot and really haven’t stopped, so before too much time has elapsed we thought we’d briefly share our 2014 highlights.

We started the year, defining and refining the purpose for a completely new exciting online entity. Next up was the creation of an identity and packaging for a new 100% Irish eco home heating product, which we hope to see launched later this year. We created the name, identity, packaging and bottle design for an Irish beauty brand Akara, aimed at the Asian market. We even completed the exhibition design itself for its successful launch at a large trade show in China.  We don’t often pitch (as they take up a huge amount of time), but we were specifically invited to pitch on three large accounts and we were delighted to win two of them. The first of which we were delighted to beat off fierce competition from some of Dublin’s most admired agencies (we certainly admire them) and in the second we beat some major opponents from London. We will talk more about these projects as they come to launch (we don’t want to steal our clients thunder), but they are both due to launch soon, naturally being greedy we were gutted to lose the third. We may even share some of that work at a later stage as you learn as much from what you lose as from what you win.

We love not only creating brands but also being integral to growing them so we love working with our friends at Dublin Whiskey Company and Udos Choice, with brands like these there’s so much opportunity for them to engage with their audience and carve out even more intellectual territory. We call them friends rather than clients at this stage as we've been working with Dublin Whiskey Company for over 2 years now and Udo's Choice for well over 8. We also started working with the Monaghan Institute, got to do a piece of work for Apple which came completely out of the blue and did a nice little project for our friend digital architect Dermot O’Shea with lots of other bits and pieces along the way.

Finally, (it wasn’t all head down work, work, work) we took a long dreamt of inspirational trip to Copenhagen and we gave a tiny bit back to the design community by taking part as mentors in the ICAD Upstarts programme, had our work selected for the wonderful 100 Archive (and we were in some good company and against some fierce competition), received some European design awards and invited to argue on an ICAD panel at the Offset festival.

So it may be a little late in the day, but here’s to you 2014, let’s hope your little brother 2015 lives up to the standards you set. 

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