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We love a good magazine here at Wemakedesign, especially those pieces of great editorial design that inspire us. A magazine is so much more than a thought-provoking article, it’s an amalgamation of stunning photography, great design and fabulous typography, which makes us fall in love with the magazine, issues after issue, page after page. With this in mind, we thought to put together a small compilation of our favourite publications, to spread the magazine love.

1. Monocle Magazine

Adam’s firm favourite, the studio shelves groan under the weight of his rather impressive collection of Monocles! An absolute powerhouse in the world of publishing, Monocle promises to keep an eye and an ear on the world, through it’s magazine, books, podcast, website, conferences, and even two cafés (In London and Tokyo, if you’re interested) Everything from the feel of the paper, the wide variety of articles (aimed at both men and women) to the impeccable photography and exciting use of fonts, makes Monocle a reader experience, rather than just a way to pass time on a rainy Sunday afternoon. The magazine’s pages are packed with intriguing features and eye-pleasing design. With 10 issues a year, this is bound to keep even the hungriest of magazine fiends busy (cough, Adam, cough).

Best for: Monocle is a way of life, much like yoga, coffee or owning a Pug – once you make the leap you will never go back.

2. Frankie Magazine

The original publication from the Frankie Press (a subsidiary of Morrison Media in Queensland, Australia) this beautifully light and rather delicious magazine is our Junior Designer, Deirdre’s favourite. Frankie is a pastel-filled quirky bundle of delight for the eyes. If it were a cake, it would be a Battenberg cake – colourful, sweet and oh-so-good. With the appointment of new editor Sophie Kalagas in May 2016, Frankie has seen a few changes in the last year (all good so far) and is a bit of an Australian institution. Frankie covers everything from art, craft, photography, music, books and fashion to general musings on life, as well as some kick-ass illustrated pull-out posters with each issue.

Best for: Lovers of Battenberg cake, Etsy and damn fine illustration.

3. Kinfolk Magazine

Kinfolk Magazine  has been around since 2011 and Nik's top choice, with its confident, simplistic and clean design and tone. Established by husband and wife duo, Nathan Williams and Katie Searle-Williams, along with their friend Amanda Jane Jones, Kinfolk delves deeply into home, work, style and culture, and is aimed primarily at creative professionals. Flicking through the meaty pages of Kinfolk, a feeling of serenity and calm is conveyed. Everything from the natural photography, the earthy colour palette to the folksy articles and features, exudes quality (it would want to at nearly €20.99 a pop! Completely worth every penny as it will be revistited again and again). Kinfolk truly is a magazine to hold onto and treasure. 

Great editorial design is a coming together of layout, photography, composition and juxtaposition, great typography, all in the service of making the content truly sing, done well its truly an art form and one we can appreciate, admire and learn from. We're also massive fans of Matt Willey and his beauties like Avaunt and Port. The above list is just a small selection of what inspires and delights us, we hope to share more over time. Happy reading!

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