Enterprising Fingal

Many people dream of running their own business, being the boss, making the big decisions, their name over the door, coming and going as they please and obviously reaping the rewards. The reality is often very different. Having been there, done that, we know how tough it is to get a business off the ground. You’re great at what you do, you’re full of new ideas, new approaches, you just fling open your doors and clients flow in. But wait, there’s no queue, where are all the hungry customers? And in their stead comes a variety of worries and concerns from taxation to overheads.

Running your own business means being on 24/7, never switching off and worrying from one thing to the next. You find yourself doing a multitude of tasks, from admin to accounts, project management to late night IT wizardry and a dozen other things in between. In fact these new tasks which you may have no former training in, will suck up more and more of your time and take you further away from what you dreamed of.

Starting a business is tough, keeping it going is tough. Simply put, people starting and running their own business, have to be driven, dedicated, passionate and a little mad and that’s why we love working with them. We see what we do, the process of design as being one of problem solving, helping people focus, connecting them to their audience, making their message resonate, their product pulse, their service relevant, making their mission vital and ultimately creating the tools that help them to stand out from the crowd. We feel we get the most out of people who are involved, who care and are willing to roll up their sleeves and work with us to get the best results, that’s why we love working with SMEs and start ups. If we want small businesses to flourish, new ideas to take root, new entrepreneurs to take flight we’ve all got a part to play.

Fingal Enterprise Week is one of those rare things a genuine initiative set up to give those who want to start up an insight into what they need, running for the full week it covers just about every base, from finance to branding. Getting involved with the identity and communication side for us was a real pleasure instead of just helping one client, we could be part of something bigger. What’s brilliant about Fingal is the sheer diversity of what’s going on. You have big towns, big business areas, from Blanchardstown to Swords, the airport is a huge business driver, the amount of agriculture not to mention a rich coastline. All of this diversity in one area means that the kind of businesses people start up and are running run the full gamut from new organic food produce to innovation in the digital arena, anything goes. The week was run like clockwork and we were delighted to see it packed to the rafters, it bodes well for the future. We need this kind of adventurous spirit and we need to have more people doing exciting initiatives like Fingal Enterprise Week, so that us and our communities can all reap the rewards.


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