A rebrand from the inside out

Need More Space Irelands largest self storage company invited us to pitch for the opportunity to rename and rebrand their company. From the outset we thought there was something fascinating and untapped at the heart of what they did, we also think that when it comes to naming we have refined the process to the point where we've become known as experts.

In-depth research revealed that their staff went way beyond the call of duty when helping people, they were always honest and helpful and respected the part they played in looking after peoples things. What was also revealed was the sheer diversity of things people stored and how they used storage, there was the obvious moving home scenario, but there were also people who stored their wine collection, their art collection even their music collection. There was also enormous variety in the reasons why people stored their belongings, some had outgrown their homes, some were holding onto a deceased loved ones belongings, some were travelling and some were operating their small businesses from these spaces. Their staff felt they had a duty of care and that the things people stored with them, were for one reason or another precious to those individuals.

The name Need More Space had been in place for some time, descriptive and pragmatic, it wasn’t well liked by staff who felt it was more of a question than a name and a question with a yes or no answer. It wasn’t well liked by all of the users of Need More Space, as there were people who had their offices in the facilities and they didn’t like it as their address, it also didn’t stand out amongst their competition who similarly had descriptive names.

We wanted the name to be short, simple and evocative, after much work and exploration we came upon Nesta, the origins were obvious, a nest being a safe haven for precious things, we also wanted it grow beyond this and become its own thing, we wanted it to have a more emotive quality and that it cover a wide variety of uses.

We defined their purpose, their key difference was they didn't just store things ofr people, they helped ‘Make room for life’ we felt stromgly that this was the real potential of storage. This is what storage allows you to do, allows you to have the space for a growing family, a new business or time to think, its more than a strapline, it’s a creative springboard.

We created a simple but friendly logotype,  we used the colour orange to bring warmth to a world that’s normally cold and blue. We created an icon system unique to them, we made icons for toilets but we also had icons for rubber ducks, electric guitars and sofas. We wanted to use every opportunity to engage and make the experience more memorable, more special, so we looked at everything from packaging to the lift doors, everything became an opportunity.

Nesta Advertising

Nesta has already made a dramatic impact on the market, not only is it performing beyond expectations, but it has become a recognisable brand, a place people not only want to use but also to work for, a benefit few could have seen at the start, watch them grow.

Want to chat to us about creating a new name and brand identity, drop us a line at hello@wemakedesign.com


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