A rebrand from the inside out

We were delighted when we got the opportunity to work on the renaming and rebranding for Need More Space after winning an extremely competitive pitch against some of Dublins top studios. Need More Space are Irelands largest self storage and they had been on an internal journey for some time workshopping and researching with strategist David O’Connor. They took the time to share with us all the extensive internal work that they had been doing, they had uncovered that their staff went way beyond the call of duty when helping people, they were always honest and helpful and respected the part they played in looking after peoples things. What was also revealed was the sheer diversity of things people stored, there was the obvious moving home scenario, but there were also people who stored their wine collection, their art collection, their music collection, everything and anything under the sun. There was also enormous variety in the reasons why people stored their belongings, some had outgrown their homes, some were holding onto a deceased loved ones belongings, some were travelling and some were operating their small businesses from these spaces, again the reasons were vast and individual.

So we were well armed with all they uncovered, we toured all the facilities which were vast and a little forbidding, we met the staff, who were warm and friendly, we felt that we needed to address somehow the coolness of the physical environments as well as conveying the potential of the service and how it was delivered.

The name Need More Space  was descriptive and pragmatic, it felt more of a question than a name and a question with a yes or no answer. It wasn’t wholly loved by all of its users and it also didn’t stand out amongst their competition who similarly had descriptive names.

We wanted the name to be short, have a ready connotation but also the capability to grow beyond its origins into becoming a name proper, after much work and exploration we came upon Nesta, the origins were obvious, a nest being a safe haven for precious things, we wanted it to have an emotive quality and that it cover a wide variety of uses.

The consumer facing position became ‘Make room for life’ we felt after much soul searching that this was the real potential of storage. This is what storage allows you to do, allows you to have the space for a growing family, a new business or time to think, its more than a strapline, it’s a creative springboard and a way to inspire the consumers imagination.

In creating the design system we were mindful at all times where it would live, from online to on the side of the building we wanted it to work equally well in all environments. We created a simple but robust logotype, we crafted the forms, but deliberately didn’t add a symbol, the name was strong and emotive in its own right. We used the colour orange to bring warmth, we wanted to be able to use that colour to create splashes of heat and to stand out. We created an icon system unique to them, calligraphic in construction. Initially we were using it to describe the business areas, home, office, business and wayfinding, but it rapidly grew legs and before long were creating icons representing the things people stored and used it for, this brought an element of fun to the whole scheme, we had icons for toilets but we also had icons for rubber ducks, electric guitars and sofas. We wanted to engage and make the experience more memorable, so we looked at everything from packaging to the lift doors, everything became an opportunity.

Nesta has only recently launched but our focus was always to create a complete 360 solution that grows as they grow, inspires and humanises, makes an impact in the market and breaks new ground for the business. You can see a snapshot of the work in action here: wemakedesign.com/work/nesta/


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